November 4, 2007

Short and Sweet! See You at the Meet & Greet!

As you know, I have established wonderful relationships with the terrific wine businesses with which we have been blessed in the Greater Las Vegas/Henderson area. Not only have these business turned from being “just business” to real friends, but they have expressed great pleasure at knowing that we appreciate that they’re there, that they provide us with education and wines at wonderful prices, and that we enjoy being their audience and fan base! What I think is remarkable is that each business is different from the other … there are no duplications of effort.

One of these newer relationships I’ve established is with Vino 100, a small, thriving, and fun wine store in the Northwest area of the valley. Natalie and Teresa are having a fantastic time seeing their business grow and love having a variety of people and events in their store. Their regular activities are phenomenal! For instance, they have Twisted Fridays, where they highlight particular screwcap wines (get it?), and Second Saturdays, where a local artist is showcased. Of course they have classes, and this week, I get to have fun in their shop!

On Tuesday, November 6, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, they will have a free wine tasting, and have asked me to join them. This is your opportunity to get to know this fantastic establishment and also share that time with me. I am going to be there for the entire two hours and will be giving brief presentations/excerpts from the Combatting Swirl Envy classes at selected times throughout the evening, and will be discussing what the Neophyte to Wine Snob journey is all about!

Please come, have fun, and share a wonderful evening with me and Natalie and Teresa at Vino 100. It is located at 7220 W. Azure Drive, in Las Vegas. If you Googlemap it, just type in 7220 Azure Drive, Las Vegas 89130. Leave out the W, or else it will give you directions for someplace close to Nellis. Go figure.

Come and visit! Bring a sharp palate and a mind ready and eager to finally start combating the swirl envy that we’ve all suffered at the hands of wine snobs. Come ready to taste some wine and warm up that wrist!

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