November 9, 2007

Great Wine Week for Meet & Greet!

From the M&G (Meet & Greet) at Vino 100, to First Wednesday at Jimmy’s to the Ferrari-Carano tasting at Khoury’s, I’ve had a super busy wine week!

The M&G was a lot of fun, with meeting new friends, future students, and wine fans! Every single person who entered the store was enthralled by it, and spent a lot of time inspecting the unique wine rating system that Vino 100 uses to evaluate its wines. The lovely décor and the intimate size belie the amount of inventory
that’s available there.

Part of the fun of the even
ing was spent in teaching people how to properly hold a wine glass. I found it interesting when I read *somewhere* on the web that about 80% of people hold their wine glasses incorrectly. Fortunately, very little of the wonderful wines that were available for tasting was sloshed out of the glasses, and people left with a feeling of acquiring a new and fun skill.

Vino 100 is located in the NW end of the valley at 7220 W. Azure in the Tenaya Village Shopping Center. Click here to check out their website and all the fun things they have going every day.

Vegas Wineaux classes will be available throughout the Valley beginning in early 2008. We are working at obtaining wine-friendly sites that will accommodate a class, and we’ll be off and running. We’re even working on having wine-free wine classes. More on that later!

Wednesday night found me at Jimmy’s for First Wednesday tasting. The theme was wines that are normally sold by the bottle in the restaurant. What a nice treat! Jimmy’s appetizers are pretty close to legendary, and the wines were wonderful. I was particularly pleased to have the opportunity to sample the 2005 Lanzerac Chardonnay. It is very California in style with just a whiff of earthiness to let you know that it’s not from this side of the pond.

And of course, there was the tasting at Khoury’s with Ferrari-Carano wines. They have their usual wonderful lineup, but their newest Cabernet, PreVail, is something special. Big fruit, leather, and earth, this wine can be laid down for a few years to mellow it a bit. But it can be drunk now with a nice big steak.

You all have a great weekend, and there will be even more fun news next week! It's Beaujolais time!!

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  1. Sound like you are staying quite active down there in Vegas, good job!