October 21, 2007

Oh Say it isn't So!!! Marché Bacchus Newsflash. CSE Lite info

Marché Bacchus has been sold!

Before you cry, wail, grieve, throw yourself into sackcloth and ashes or under a train, you
have to hear the whole story.

Gregoire and Agathe Verge are the founders of Marché Bacchus, the wonderful French Bistro/wine store located in the community of Desert Shores in NW Las Vegas. MB’s patio is located along the edge of Desert Shores which ma
kes patio dining an ethereal experience. It is almost always busy, and the patrons are fiercely loyal. So why would they leave such an ideal setup?

“Time.” Agathe said that time was the primary reason. They didn’t have any to themselves.

“It’s been eight years of seven days a week,” she said in her lyrical French accent. “And now the baby is 18 months old, and I need to be spending time with him.”

So she and Greg decided to sell their much-loved business to sit back and reassess their
lives. Oh yeah…and take a much-needed rest!

So where does that leave the rest of us? In quite capable hands, thank you very much!

I was fortunate enough to meet two of the four new owners, and was very pleased to see the heart and passion for the restaurant, the business of food, and the seriousness with which they are approaching this venture.

The new owners are Jeff and Rhonda Wyatt and Christophe and Noanie Ithurritze. Because of the “busyness” of the day I didn’t get a chance to talk with them at length, but I can tell you that Christophe is formerly of Spago’s here in Vegas, where he worked for Wolfgang Puck. Wow. I will talk to them in depth later when it’s not lunchtime at Marché!!

Jeff is affable, enthusiastic, and talks animatedly about the future of Marché Bacchus, his blue eyes sparkling with enthusiasm. While we had noticed some changes in the menu, he pointed out a few more, including a new luncheon dessert menu. He indicated that some other changes were in the works, including catering, an expanded wine bar, and wine dinners!

Christophe has an infectious smile (that’s him on the left), and it looks like the two of them
will take Marché Bacchus to the next level.

Meanwhile, Agathe’s plans are to rest for the next few months. “And then we’ll figure out what we’re going to do. I like sitting for a while.”

We wish Greg and Agathe the very best and hope (this is a hint, you two!), that they will stay as Las Vegas fixtures for years to come.

The Farewell Group around the table are: Elaine, Tex, Scott, Agathe, Gidget, Yours Truly, and Aaron.

The last CSE (Combatting Swirl Envy) Lite! class of the year will be held on Wednesday, October 24, at Valley Cheese and Wine in Henderson (of course!). This class is going to be lot of fun, celebratory, with a special drawing! Each participant will receive a ticket and the winner will receive a special wine-related gift!

Plans for classes next year are in the works, with locations in the SW area of Vegas, and plans for the NW as well. Of course we will always have classes in Henderson!

Hope to see you on Wednesday!

Don’t forget that if you are a business, send me your logo! I’m working on the “logo links” page on VegasWineaux.com and would like to showcase your business (and brag that I know you!).

Until later in the week, see ya!

PS: I’m working on a review of the awesome wine dinner we had at Sonoma Cellar at Sunset Station last Tuesday. Stay tuned …

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