October 27, 2007

How clean is your glass?

This isn’t an official entry for the week, but I have a question to pose to everybody.

While in the process of preparing for last week’s CSE-L class, I discovered that wine people are very passionate about their wine glasses. Not just their glasses, but how their glasses are cleaned!

I have always done the following when it comes to my glasses (wine or otherwise):

  1. Rinse glass
  2. Wash with soapy cloth
  3. Rinse very well in hot water
  4. Wipe dry
  5. Ta da
Apparently, the very fact that I would use soap is repugnant, nay, downright *abhorrent* to many!

“Use diluted vinegar only.”
“Use plain hot water”
“Never use hot water on CRYSTAL! Only use lukewarm.”
“Lukewarm will never clean the glass well. Use hot water and only (fill in the name of the product ________) to clean your wine glasses.”
"Only use linen cloth to dry the crystal. *Never* use cotton!"
"Air dry only. Rinse and wipe well with a towel that has no fabric softener in it just before you plan to use it."

See what I mean?

Oh, and then there was the argument between glass or crystal. The snootiness factor rocketed right off the charts on that one!

So here is my question to you. How do you clean your wine glasses? Which type of glass do you prefer, glass or crystal? Does it matter?

Help me bring peace to the glass wars!!

1 comment:

  1. Use once, break glass, buy new, kill the people who complain - period. Then find something worth while to talk about...