September 17, 2007

Schedule Change Alert! Friend Me Up, Charity Event and New Store Friends!

The first Combatting Swirl Envy - Lite! on September 18 has been cancelled (sorry!), but the other scheduled class on Wednesday, September 26, will be held as planned. We wanted to make sure that everything was just right and it wasn't quite up to our standards. Apologies to those who are inconvenienced, but we hope to see you next week!

Vegas Wineaux now has a MySpace page! The link is Friend me up! For quick updates, news, gossip, and non-Wineaux stuff, that's the place to go! There is a little personal information about me and it's a quick way to let those on my Friend list know of any changes in Wineaux plans, schedules, or of upcoming events that require a quick notice. I've been surprised at the response received over the last few days, and can't wait to see y'all there!

Here's something that's special to me that I want to share with you. I will be head wine pourer at a charity event on Friday, October 12. It is the 1st Annual Taste of Spirit, a fundraising event for Spirit Therapies. Spirit Therapies is an organization that provides children with developmental disabilities therapy through horseback riding. As Joe Fusco, Vice President of Spirit Therapies told me, the response of the children is heartwarming. He told me the story of one young boy who'd spent his entire life in a wheelchair and being on a horse was the first time he was able to look eye-to-eye with anyone else. He'd always been looking up at others.

The event is Friday, October 12, 2007, at 6:00 p.m. at Sierra Goold, 6595 S. Jones (near the 215) in Vegas. Besides beer and wine tasting, there will be an auction, music, and live Cowboy entertainment. The tickets are $50.00 per person. Call Joe at (702) 335-7416, or check out their website at for further information and for tickets. Vegas Wineaux will be there, helping to support a wonderful organization and doin' it for the kids!!

Bella Vino is a new(ish) wine store on the other side of the world in the Aliante community in North Las Vegas. Located at the intersection of Aliante and Centennial Parkway, the cool little boutique wine shop is located in the Centennial Plaza (next a pretty nice Sushi restaurant. But I digress). Because Bella Vino is exclusively a wine shop, it has wines that won’t be seen anywhere else. We snarfed up a few bottles of unusual wines, including a South African Pinotage Rosé. Stop by and say hi to Michael Harju, the proprietor. Check out their website at Michael has regular community tastings and has store tastings every Saturday. Hope to see you there!

Next week - details about the class and reviewing Wine Week!

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