September 9, 2007

The Experience! Combatting Swirl Envy. It's Here.

We’re happy to announce that the first classes of the Combatting Swirl Envy Experience have been scheduled. This is the “Lite” version of our full-fledged, two-and-a-half hour Combatting Swirl Envy Experience which will be available early in 2008.

The classes will be held at Valley Cheese & Wine, one of our favorite hangouts! Located at 1770 West Horizon Ridge Parkway in Henderson, VC&W has a terrific classroom just for wine classes and there we will confront our ongoing issues of Swirl Envy. We can then go forth and tackle the wine world with confidence and newly-honed skills. Remember, this is not a class about wines –there are many well-qualified sommeliers and educators who offer outstanding classes – but about wine *drinking.* If you feel you lack the confidence to confidently belly-up to the wine bar and understand the winespeak you hear, or if you feel awkward while handling your Riedel, then you need this class!

In the Combatting Swirl Envy Experience class you will learn how to hold a glass, what swirling is and why Wine People seem to "play" with their wines, how to avoid wine racism, receive a grounding in Basic Winespeak, and how to be a Wine Snob without being a Snob. A fun class that will have you swirling, sniffing, sipping, and spitting like a pro, this is for the truly intimidated and uninitiated Wine Neophyte.

To the right of this column is the link to PayPal so that you can pay for your class in advance. The cost is $35.00 per class that lasts for an hour and half, followed by a tour of VC&W. Seating is limited to 12 per class.

Scheduled classes and other events will now appear on the new Calendar Page of our website!

See you then!

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