October 4, 2007

New Wine Shop and Girls' Night Out!

We have another wine shop way out in the boonies of the North, and I had the opportunity to visit it last weekend.

Vino 100, located at 7220 West Azure in Las Vegas, 89130, is a terrific little shop which everything that I need. The Vino 100 name comes from the wall of wines priced $25.00 or lower. Yes, they have high-end wines as well. They also sell a variety of wine-related foods, have a few spirits, and a humidor.

They also have glasses, corkscrews, candles, dishes, decanters, etc., etc., whew. Like I said, I could live there!

Natalie and Teresa are the co-owners of the shop, and all you have to do is show up. Natalie – who could easily be described as bubbly – waxes enthusiastic about the store. And, I have to admit, they have some great ideas that are out of the norm.

For example, instead of having a list of Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Robert Parker, etc., ratings, they have a “barometer,” which displays the individual wine characteristics instead of one person’s opinion. So instead of depending on the usual descriptors (big, jammy, fawns dancing through meadows, nuances of toast, etc.), the barometer will tell you where on the scale it is from dry to sweet and from light to full-bodied. Very interesting concept, and one that takes out the subjectiveness of only one person’s judgment.

Anyway, I got the complete tour of the store (yes, and spent money. It was inevitable) and enjoyed the V-Twin Winery of Sonoma’s wines. Because it was Bike Fest weekend, they were in town to present their wines. Vino 100 has daily tastings by the way.

Located near North Tenaya via the Ann Road exit of the 95, it’s an easy trip to the Tenaya Village Center. Don’t bother to Google it – Google is screwy. Use Mapquest instead.

Girls' Night Out!!

First Wednesday wine tasting at Jimmy’s was wonderful as two of my friends and I made it a girls’ night out. Sharon and Mary joined me as we enjoyed six different cheeses and four wines. The cheeses were Henri Hutin Couronne, a double-cream Brie from France; Corazon de Ronda, a smooth sheep’s milk cheese from Spain; Humboldt Fog Cypress Grove, an incredible goat’s milk cheese from California; Tillamook Cheddar; King Island Dairy “Roaring Forties” an Australian Blue Cheese; and Parmigiano-Reggiano. All were yummy, all were as different as cheeses could be, and the individual cheeses matched well with the wines …with some experimentation, of course!

The wines were as follows:

NV Evolution – 9 varietal white

2004 Full-Sister Semillon (Stanley Lambert)

2002 Coteaux du Languedoc (Domaine de Nizas). This was an SMG РSyrah 60%, Mourvedre 35%, and Grenache 5%. My favorite Rh̫ne combo, with different proportions.

2005 Pinot Noir French Cuvee (RVTZ – pronounced Rootz – Cellars) Vin de Pays d’oc – France

There were also three Breckenridge beers available for tasting, with the Vanilla Porter being my favorite. Wayyyy too quaffable!

We were having such a good time that we decided to have dinner. Sharon ordered the evening’s special, “The Art of Tapas,” which had Asian appetizers of Tempura Shrimp and Vegetables, Spicy Tuna Roll, Japanese salad with Edamame & Pecans, and served with Spicy Soy Sauce, Pickled Ginger, and Wasabi. There was enough food for two people!

Mary ordered the Parkway Tuna Sandwich, and I ordered my usual favorite, The Crossings Tri-Tip Salad, which is a dinner by itself.

My cost for the cheese, wines, and dinner as a member of Jimmy’s Grape Beginnings Wine Club? With Tax, it came up to $19.64. I could even fit it into my budget!

Combatting Swirl Envy

Don’t forget to sign up for the class, being held next Tuesday. Along with the usual beginning wine etiquette items, we will be learning how to pop, pour, and store! See you then!

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