August 21, 2007

Classes! And celebrating "the King" 30 years later. In Vegas, Baby! Thankyewverymuch.

Picture Irene doing the Happy Dance! The Neophyte to Wine Snob Experience classes are forming and promise to be a lot of fun. Email me for times, dates, locations, and prices. I’m looking forward to Sniffing, Swirling, and Sipping together with you!

This may come as a total shock, but Las Vegas does get kitschy from time to time. And with its years-long association with the King, it's no surprise that Vegas winelovers camped it up memorializing the 30th anniversary of the date when Elvis left the building for the final time.

After another wonderful tasting at Khoury’s last Thursday, a couple of us caravanned over to The Las Vegas Wine Company. During the tasting, two Elvises (Elvi?) and a Priscilla made a splashy entrance. What fun! Katrina and her husband Paul, and old friend and veteran Elvis impersonator John appeared in full late-era Elvis regalia.

As you can tell from the pictures (sorry about the quality … these are from my camera phone), we had a blast. The trio indicated that they would be leaving the store and going to the Elvis memorial being held at the Hilton where all of the Elvis faithful would be convening to hang leis on the Elvis statue there. Only in Vegas!

By the way, Thursday was indeed the 30th anniversary of the King's passing, and John signed and dated a picture for me. Nice memorial.

There is a real wine store in the northern climes! What I mean is that there is a wine store, Bella Vino, in North Las Vegas. It’s located at 2745 W Centennial Pkwy # 120. I will be visiting it sometime during the next few days to check it out, of course. The few comments I’ve heard so far are promising and I’m looking forward to making new friends. Finally, a store for those of us in the northern boonies!

Question for y’all … did anyone go to the Jazz nite at Marché Bacchus? Want to write a review? Pure fatigue and “too much to do” kept me from being able to attend. See you at a tasting!

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